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Dell has transitioned web case creation for Force10 customers to the global support services portal, Dell TechDirect! Please find the enrolment instructions below.


Starting on June 17th 2015 all case management will be managed through and no longer available on the iSupport site.

You can use the Serial Number converter link below to get your service tag Serial Number Converter Tool.

TechDirect is designed to help you manage support cases efficiently and can be used for all Dell equipment Networking, PowerEdge and Storage devices. 


What is TechDirect?

It is a centralized support tool designed to provide commercial customers with the ability to open and manage Dell support cases and replacement parts dispatches. Available through an online portal, mobile app and integrated APIs.


-> TechDirect complements your technical support team by providing them the capabilities to:

         -> Request support for Dell products from Dell Technical Support

         -> Dispatch replacement parts for client and enterprise products

         -> Group Technician users into virtual teams based on your business needs

         -> Manage notifications regarding support and account activities

         -> Pull reports on account activities


How do I enroll in TechDirect?

Your company should designate an Administrator to set up your TechDirect account. This Administrator will go to and select the Get Started tab to begin the enrollment process. As part of this process, the Administrator will add Technician users who will receive an email confirming their enrollment and providing log in details. Users wishing to dispatch parts must first complete the free online certification courses available within the TechDirect online portal. 



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